January 29, 2019
By Myscha Stafford
LO Membership and Chapter Coordinator

Myscha StaffordIn the famous words of American singer-songwriter, Bette Midler, “You gotta have friends.” You’re welcome for that earworm…

One of the most common things I heard during and after the Congress trade show last month was how much everyone enjoyed connecting with friends and catching up after the holidays. Whether you were attending a seminar, the Landscape Ontario Peer to Peer workshop, or having an impromptu meeting in the LO members’ only lounge, Congress is where thousands of friends come together.

Being a member of Landscape Ontario means different things to different people. Some view it as a club for mutual improvement, others see it as simply an affiliation, while others feel a real sense of community from being surrounded by like-minded professionals. These are all true. Membership is more than just saving money on seminars and new trucks. While financial discounts are extremely helpful when running a business, the community of friends that you become a part of as a member is a benefit that is very hard to put a price on.

LO Peer to Peer Network

LO’s Peer to Peer Network is a sharing, close-knit and ever-expanding group of business owners and upper management staff. This exclusive LO member benefit connects you with other business owners who share similar challenges, can offer real world advice and who gather to brainstorm ideas and implement processes to benefit everyone involved.

Join the group for free. Simply email signup.peertopeer@landscapeontario.com and ask to be added to the online groups. You can then participate in private Facebook and LinkedIn discussions, where you can offer advice or ask a question and get immediate responses. The online discussions are on-going.

Peer group members also gather at a series of face-to-face workshops held throughout the year that kicked off with the January session held the day prior to Congress. Here, group members set their priorities and learning objectives for the remainder of events held primarily in spring. This year, the group has identified company culture as its top priority. Events are planned for February (London and a ‘sampler session’ in Huntsville), in March (Ajax), and the popular two-day summit in Muskoka in September.

Chapter events

LO chapter boards work hard planning a variety of social events and seminars throughout the year. At these events, education, networking and friendships also come together. These events bring together local professionals in your area for educational topics, including: safety, business management, best practices, etc. Being centralized to a specific area allows chapters to focus on regional issues, such as: by-laws, zoning, and other topics that may be unique to a particular region of Ontario. Chapter meetings also bring together local suppliers and dealers to offer you the best products and services in your location.

This winter, LO chapters are focusing on safety preparation, with presentations throughout February and March on commercial vehicle safety, AODA regulations and mental health awareness training.

The Golden Horseshoe Chapter has also been very busy, gearing up for two great events: the annual Family Day Weekend Bowling Day on Feb. 17 and the Gear Up for Spring trade show on March 26.

Full details on any of these events, visit HortTrades.com or contact me via the details below.
Myscha Stafford can be reached at myscha@landscapeontario.com or 1-800-265-5656 ext.2333.